Monteverde Cloud Forest

What to do?

monteverde-cloud-forest-informationMonteverde Cloud Forest is located at the top of the mountain range of  Tiarán in Costa Rica, it works as a kind of industry of clouds of this wonderful country, located on the continental divide, where the coldwinds of the Caribbean mixed with the Pacific to shape a big blanket of clouds. The small town of the whole area is called Santa Elena, where is concentrated  the most important commerce area for visitors, supermarkets, banks, pharmacies, gift shops, restaurants and offices.

Is important to emphasize that the Biological Monteverde  Reserve and the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve are strictly protected areas, so they are designed only for walking tours in a porcentaje area. To perform the different Tours and excursions  such as: Zip Line, Coffee Tours, Hanging Bridges, Horseback Riding and more, Is Important to be moved to different pirvate forest near by.

Monteverde with a population of around 9000, is the community that still retains the quality of a rural town, where most shops are attended by its costarican owners and give a personal attention to each visitor, this makes a big difference between different natural attractions of our country.

The Monteverde Conservation Area covers a large portion of land of the Costa Rican conservation area, Arenal-Monteverde, Children’s Eternal Forest and Arenal-Tempisque, makes this beautiful mountains responsible for one of the biggest lungs in Costa Rica. Chosen over the latest years one of the five destinations in the country.

Cloud Forest Reserve, is what makes famous this community, this large area is divided basically by 3  nongovernmental organizations, which have been dedicated since its beginnings in the forest consevación and acquisition of more land for this purpose.

Cherished by moisture that is concentrated in this area and filled with biodiversity as mammals such as monkeys, sloths and coatis, birds as the quetzal or the colorful hummingbirds, plants such as orchids and many others also epiphytes, such thebromeliads which are responsible for store important humidity that gives life to the microorganisms of this forest.

These efforts mentioned that Monteverde with 2% of the world’s biodiversity, also within the 7 wonders of Costa Rica and a rich place for bird lovers, formed by a huge ecosystem with about 100 species of mammals, 2250 species of plants such 400 are orchids, 400 species of birds and 1200 of reptiles and amphibians.

The Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve

santa-elena-reserve-monteverde-toursHas a maximum height of 1700 meters above sea level. Administered by the secondary public school of the area, which have created the proverb in a very sustainable way “preseravation for Education”, where one of the objectives is planting trees with foreign students, teaching them the importance of maintaining the forest, thus invite them to reforest some properties, a percentage of the economic incomes are destined to improve the educational needs of this center, another percentage is directed to the administrative area, also a percentage for the conservation and sustainable development programs.

The Monteverde Biological Reserve

monte-verde-reserve-monteverde-toursAbout 10.500 hectares of forest which ninety percent are unexplore virgin forests is administered by the Tropical Science Center (spanish CCT) since 1962, has been of great scientific contribution to humanity of Flora and Fauna, as the Santa Elena Reserve this reserve is part of big important biological corridor for the country (Arenal – Monteverde).

Selvatura Hanging Bridges

monteverde-tours-activities-bridgesThis company have eight different bridges with various lengths ranging between 150 feet ( 50 meters ) up to 510 feet ( 170 meters ) and altitudes ranging between 36 feet ( 12 meters ) up to 180 feet ( 60 meters ). Are suitable for people of all ages. The duration of the hike usually takes between 1.5 and 2 hours.

Aventura 100% Zip LineCanopy Tour / Zip Line

This company has the longest cable in Latin American 1590 meters long (5216 feet) of pure adventure, from the end of a mountain to the other side, offers 12 cables in its entirety, accompanied by activities for the enjoyment of the more adventurous as the Tarzan swing, rappel, rope bridge and superman position to keep a good memory of this activity.

Monteverde Wildlife Refuge Night Tour Walk

monteverde-wildliferefuge-night-walk-tourJust few minutes north of the downtown, offers 2 schedules at 6 pm and 8 pm, walk for 2 hours. expert flora and fauna guides will show you the great biodiversity of the forest transition, shuttle from your hotel, make you enjoy from beginning to end.

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