Monteverde Extremo

extremo-canopy-tour-zip-line-monteverde-cloud-forest1Monteverde extreme canopy has one of the most beautiful views of the area, that can be observed during the tour.To reach the major heights, mix the extreme adventure together with the majestic. And admire the rich natural beauty of the forest and its treasures. You will feel exciting emotions when doing the big tarzan swing, the giant rappel, and feeling fantastic distance of each one of the cable. Which reaches up to 2550 feet long and 450 feet height.

We Offer: Free transportation, modern and safe equipment, safety instructions, well trained and experienced guides, waterfall view, 14 cables, of which 4 are extremely long: 1-1410 ft, 2-1275 ft, 3-1800 ft, 4-2250 ft. Cables have an approximate heigth of between 225 ft and 450ft, Tarzan Swing, Rappel (90ft), insurance, excellent service and commodity, short hikes, 21 platforms. Total walking distance of 2.8 Km., tour duration 3 hours.