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monteverde-santa-elena-costa-rica-information Welcome to Monteverde Cloud Forest Costa Rica, located in the province of Puntarenas, at an altitude of 1200 Mts above sea level (Santa Elena) with a population of approximately 9,500 people, also one of the most visited destinations in Costa Rica, which is chosen by tourists for its rich natural and scenic of the surroundings.

The small town of the whole area is called Santa Elena, where is concentrated the most important commerce area for visitors, supermarkets, banks, pharmacies, gift shops, restaurants and offices.

Monteverde famous for containing a portion of the few cloud forest of the world, considered among the 5 most important places in Costa Rica, for overseas visitors who want to enjoy unique holidays.

Cherished by moisture that is concentrated in this area and filled with biodiversity as one mammals such as monkeys, sloths and coatis, birds as thequetzal colorful or the hummingbirds, plants such as orchids and many are also epiphytes,such as bromeliads which are responsible for store important humidity that gives life to the microorganisms of this forest, Santa Elena is located in a small area the huge forest is the village of this important destination which do not be missed.


 Monteverde Natural

Monteverde Cloud Forest captivates all who come to Costa Rica to visit completely natural, the different areas that offer the beautiful protected zone are impressive by all humanity, possessing about 2% of the planet’s biodiversity. Reserves are the main attraction of the area located at an average elevation of 1500 metersabove sea level covered by dense clouds thatare formed in these mountains. The MonteverdeBiological Reserve located southeast of the town founded initially by conservationists families  is now administered by the Tropical Scientific Center (CCT) and the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve located northeast of the village, managed by the secondary school in the region , is anenvironmentally  educational Draft programs for students and visitors.

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 Monteverde Tours

Monteverde is a resume of most of the activities that you can find in the country, the zip lines in to the deep of the trees, walking above the forest having a different perspective of this tropical forest on bridges, the cultural and learning trips such as coffee tours.

More Tours

Adventure in Monteverde has no limits, due to the terrain surrounding the area the activities are distributed across the cloud mountains, the zip lines, coffee tours, hanging bridges and butterfly gardens are among the large list of tours that you can enjoy in this area. The increase for being a very natural appeal has forced many enterprising, most of them traditional Costa Rican families who have dreamed of being emplyers fulfill their dreams environmentally responsible.

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The Original Canopy Tour

The Original Canopy Tour Monteverde™ was the first company in the world dedicated to this activity and was created to give opportunity to our visitors to enjoy the most exotic and exciting adventure of their lives, while create environmental awareness in participants and show them that if they could have a sustainable development with nature.

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