Coffee Tours

In 1720 is the probable date of the introduction of coffee to America. Costa Rica was the first Central American country that established this flourishing industry. In our days many farmers saw an opportunity to introduce this product to the tourism industry. 
Don Juan Coffee Tour 
Monteverde is an ideal place for coffee cultivation that’s because Monteverde is characterized by volcanic soils, highly fertile, relatively uniform temperatures and favorable throughout the year for plant development… If you want to learn more about coffee you should be visit Don Juan Coffee tour. Don Juan offers an opportunity to participate in a highly entertaining and interactive tour. You will learn all the stages such as, harvest, the drying, toasting and grinding of the bean.
Trapiche Tour 
This family A business tour that you can enjoy a short walk through the farm where you can see the plantations as sugar cane, coffee, bananas, plantains, tubers, oranges and more. Enjoy the entire coffee process, ride a Costarican ox cart and experience the process of making liquor out of the sugar cane.
Monteverde Coffee Tour 
A visit to the coffee farm is a tour that every visitor should do. Monteverde Coffee Tour offers an authentic vision of rural life in Costa Rica and introduces visitors to the coffee production process, from the original seed to your cup and progress environmental sustainability and initiatives community development.